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50.30 $alperentu***
40.24 $
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    21.11 - 28.11
    Prize pool
    1 200 $
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    Tournament details

    People tend to come back from holidays even more tired than when they left,since an all-inclusive package doesn't allow you even a second's rest. Eat, drink, eat again, get tired on the way to the pool, go back to your room, and before you know it, it's already evening. And it goes on like that, day after day; however, our casino thinks it’s time to put an end to this cruel torture at the hands of tour operators! Want to relax properly? Then you need to take part in our Holiday tournament with a prize fund of 1 200 $. Maybe you could even take some time off work. Get comfy on your couch, fire up the slots and score a five-star jackpot! Admittedly, this isn’t quite an all-inclusive package, but it does contain the main thing – a great big win!

    The tournament starts at 16:00 UTC on November 21 and ends at 15:00 UTC on November 28.

    Prize fund: 1 200 $


    • Open any game on the tournament page
    • Qualify by playing 10 spins with a stake of at least 0.3 $ per spin
    • Once you have qualified, bets of at least 0.3 $ will score you tournament points,whereas bets below this threshold won't count
    • The winners will be the 10 players with the most tournament points
    • You can track your progress through the widget on the right-hand side of the full version of the website

    Tournament results

    1Mahamati***56 709400 $
    2immor***55 295.5300 $
    3Hussam***51 368150 $
    4Kasim***49 640100 $
    5As***46 288.870 $
    6Hür***44 80060 $
    7jedi***43 279.850 $
    8IBRA***42 929.930 $
    9Bali_B***27 09025 $
    10serkan***26 412.515 $
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