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Hit the jackpot!

Jackpot – It is the most desired outcome in any gamble. You can try your luck by enjoying the risk, or ignore the influence of luck by relying on a variety of clever strategies. No matter what, no one will miss the chance to win a real Jackpot. Now players of the Slotozal club have a similar opportunity!

From now on, every brave player who chooses to play for real money is a jackpot contender! The conditions of the draw are simple and straightforward. Players are not restricted by anything; They do not have to make any contributions, buy tickets or play in the same slot. They are completely free. You keep playing, betting and taking risks and can win a very impressive reward at the same time.

How to win Jackpot in our club

The jackpot is drawn between all real money players at the club. The slots played and the stakes do not matter. Even those who play with the lowest stakes can win the big prize. Luck decides everything. The person lucky enough to see the most profitable combination on the reels wins. If several people have had this chance, the winner will be determined using a random number generator.

Increases Jackpother minutes in our game club. The key to active growth is your money bets. A small percentage is deducted from each that goes into the overall prize fund. In addition, the amount of bets and the slot played are not important. Are you ready to challenge fate? Your courage will be generously rewarded with a big win!

How is the jackpot created?

  • The jackpot grows thanks to real money bets made by all players of the gaming club.
  • A small percentage is deducted from every bet made by users on the club's games.
  • It doesn't matter the amount of the bets and in which slot they are made.

How to get Jackpot?

  • The jackpot draw is based on the principle of determining a random bet.
  • Only real money bets on the club's slots participate in the jackpot draw.
  • Jackpot is played between bets that form the combination that yields the maximum winnings in any slot.
  • All real money bets, regardless of their amount, participate in the draw.
  • The winner is determined using the random number generator.
  • If you win the Jackpot, a message will be sent to your personal account at the Casino and to the e-mail specified during registration with detailed information about the conditions for receiving the prize.
  • In order to receive your winnings, the Casino Administration has the right to request documents to prove your identity (in accordance with Article 5.2 of the Casino Rules and Conditions).
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